Silencio Suppression Systems

Silencio Suppression Systems offers a lifetime warranty and will repair or replace, free of charge, any sound suppressor manufactured by Silencio Suppression Systems.

This warranty does not cover damage to the sound suppressor and/or the host firearm resulting in whole or part from criminal or negligent use, improper or careless handling, modifications, defective, improper hand-loaded, or reloaded ammunition, or neglect.

This warranty does not cover damage to the sound suppressor or host firearm due to improper installation of the sound suppressor or an improperly threaded barrel.

Any repairs not covered by this warranty will be charged to the owner.

Sealed suppressor need not be cleaned or taken apart. If a sealed unit, which is a suppressor which is not intended to be disassembled by the user, is returned with evidence of disassembly by anyone other than the manufacturer, this warranty is void.

Instructions for use:

To use, make sure firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction. Remove muzzle thread protector if there is one present. Screw suppressor onto muzzle of firearm until unit stops at the bottom of the thread. Hand tighten only. If there is resistance before the threads bottom out in the suppressor, stop immediately and remove unit to determine the reason for the obstruction.

Store your suppressor as you would a firearm, all National Firearms Act rules apply to suppressors and it is your responsibility to learn these regulations.

Use of suppressor coolant in rimfire and pistol suppressors is acceptable. There are some safety issues associated with it. Make sure the bore is clear, before firing the bullet through the suppressor or damage could result. Do not overfill the suppressor with coolant. A very small amount of water or ultrasound gel will perform well. Rifle caliber suppressors are not rated to use coolant and serious harm to both operator and weapon can occur.

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